The story of the innovation that became the reference for all innovations to follow.
Your Marketing List is a platform that connects startups and small/medium businesses (SMBs) to digital marketing freelancers
Over 6 million biryanis were ordered on Swiggy in 2021. How Biryani By Kilo (BBK) is standing out from the crowd.
Your Own DAta (YODA) is market data collected firsthand by your own team to validate your thesis.
Your Marketing List, a platform that connects start-ups and small/medium businesses to digital marketing freelancers, was launched on September 3rd…
We need to properly understand the concept of bundling to decode this deal.
by Pallavi Deb Burman, Co-founder, Your Marketing List 
24 customers came calling in the first 30 days of Your marketing List (connects businesses to digital marketing freelancers) being born. Here are 10…
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